Expert-to-Expert Review
Opposing experts should be allowed opportunity to cooperatively interact in a neutral setting, in parallel with the overall dispute resolution process.
The goal of this process is not to resolve the matter, but to clarify which issues are actually in dispute, and thereby reduce the overall scope of disagreement.  Issues that are not at the heart of the matter can be set aside to focus resolution efforts on key technical issues where genuine conflict is an impediment to resolution.  
Once the central issues are identified and clarified, and each party's position in regard to these issues has been established, these issues can be brought back into the main process for resolution.
This process allows each expert to better understand opposing opinions, and with that understanding to refine their own knowledge of case facts to further align the parties toward an overall resolution.
Expert-to-Expert Review puts opposing experts to work to reduce the scope of the dispute, clarify the key issues that are actually in dispute, and provide a framework for negotiating those key issues.

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Expediting the Construction Dispute Resolution Process