Select Technical Issue Review when technical design or construction issues need to be resolved so that the overall dispute resolution process can proceed (MEDIATION),


or so that the finder-of-fact can make an appropriate determination about the issues (ARBITRATION or LITIGATION).

Select Expert-to-Expert Review when dispute resolution is hindered because opposing experts disagree significantly on key technical issues (MEDIATION),


or when reducing the scope of issues in dispute will more efficiently allow a solution to be reached (ARBITRATION or LITIGATION).

Select Shared Neutral Expert Review when the parties need better understanding of the issues in order to reach a settlement (MEDIATION),


or when the Finder-of-Fact would like more clarity about subject matter issues in order to develop an accurate, unbiased analysis (ARBITRATION or LITIGATION),

Select Lower Tier Issue Review when dispute resolution will be aided by knowledge that can only be obtained from the subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and other parties who actually worked on the project (MEDIATION, ARBITRATION or LITIGATION).

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Expediting the Construction Dispute Resolution Process