Technical Issue Review
Technical issues are at the heart of many construction disputes.  Resolution of core technical issues allows for fair and efficient settlement of the overall dispute.



Technical Issue Review uses intimate working knowledge of the building process to address key individual technical issues one-by-one, building understanding and consensus so that resolution of the overall dispute will follow.


Effective Technical Issue Review requires an ability to:


  • Quickly "ramp up" to understand complex issues, and isolate the most important items.


  • Work "in presentation mode", clarifying issues while gaining detailed understanding.


  • Work effectively with multiple parties, gathering unbiased understanding of their positions.


  • Accurately depict the benefits and drawbacks of opposing positions.


  • Focus on demonstrating facts, enabling others to form their own opinions more accurately.


  • Provide a clear and rational method for allocation of responsibility and costs.


Technical Issue Review is a strategy for resolving critical construction issues in parallel with,

and in support of primary fact finding and/or dispute resolution efforts. 

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Expediting the Construction Dispute Resolution Process